Tissue Bank

SportsTek Medical runs three licensed tissue banks in Temecula, Anaheim and Hawaii, serving scheduled/emergency orthopedic transplant surgical needs with high-quality surgical tissue. We have a large supply of grafts to service your needs. Among the tissues we provide are bone for orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, skin for burn and trauma surgery, and tendons and ligaments for sports medicine reconstructive surgery.

Sportstek Medical is a U.S. FDA-registered human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based product establishment (Temecula FEI 3006228878, Anaheim FEI 3011724981, Carlsbad FEI 3012346493, Hawaii FEI 3014328922). In addition, Sportstek Medical is licensed by and registered with the State of California (Temecula CNC 80581, Anaheim CNC 81166, Carlsbad CNC 81051). Sportstek is certified to the international quality standards (ISO 13485:2003) for the distribution of tissues.

The highest level standard setting body for tissue banks in the nation is the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) established in 1977. To be accredited by the AATB, the tissue bank must submit to comprehensive on-site inspections. These inspections are designed to assure that the bank is professionally managed, appropriately staffed and has put in place policies and procedures to provide consistent quality care.

We believe that we are called to act responsibly on behalf of our community as stewards of the grafts we carry, which are given for transplant and research. These tissues are given selflessly by very special people so others may have a better quality of life.

Sportstek Medical is committed to providing the highest quality products and services, while ensuring the safety of our recipients and personnel. We prioritize our customer and regulatory requirements in the provision of all products and services.

CA tissue bank
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